Nurture A Child is a charity dedicated to promoting and assisting the development of opportunities for children and young people. We work in tandem alongside existing charities, local authorities, sporting organisations and other partner agencies to identify, create, facilitate and deliver opportunities that are often beyond the reach and remit of existing child support agencies and networks.

Our aim is to improve the confidence, aspirations, life chances and advancement of young people through exposure to education, business, sports, arts, culture and science. In short, it's an extension of what any parent would do for their own child.
Not all children get an equal start in life, they all deserve the same chances and opportunities
Nurture A Child was established by Eman Allam-Forster who has significant personal experience in helping and working with looked after children. Eman mentored at Hull Children's University and has a passion for helping and developing young people. It is Eman's firm belief that while not all children get an equal start in life, they all deserve the same chances and opportunities.

Nurture A Child has been set up to to act as a resource for young people to advance them in life by providing advice, assistance and in particular bursaries for educational resources, equipment and access to educational and sporting opportunities which they would otherwise be unable to afford or gain access to; and scholarships designed to facilitate their personal and physical development, skills and aptitudes.

Currently there are a number of excellent charities that are dedicated to improving the lives of children and young people. Nurture A Child was set up to compliment the work of existing child support systems and agencies and to accentuate the positive outcomes already being achieved. We aim to further develop opportunities for the advancement of citizenship, self-improvement and community development.
Not all children get an equal start in life, they all deserve the same chances and opportunities
What we do
Nurture A Child works to identify the individual requirements of young people and then works with them and the appropriate partner agencies to identify and deliver effective formal and in-formal personal and physical development schemes to aid improvements in self esteem, confidence and aspirations. Where necessary, Nurture A Child will work to assist in securing funding to support personal development, engagement in sport and training schemes.

Nurture A Child also works closely with the local business and sporting community to forge links with the wider population, for example by facilitating and organising company tours and site visits; for many younger adults this is very often their first exposure to everyday workplaces.

Nurture A Child will find and support attendance on training courses, trade exhibitions or work experience; whatever is most appropriate to support the personal, emotional and physical development of young people beyond that provided by their existing environment and personal circumstance.

Links with local businesses and sporting organisations also offer staff the opportunity to become involved as mentors to young people and thereby acts as a personal development tool for personnel as well as helping to meet company CSR objectives.
Photography Skills Course:
Nurture A Child worked with a Media Design and Production company to devise a course of photography skills training. During the course of the training the company was able to donate a SLR camera so the young person involved could develop his own skills using some of the techniques learned during the training. The learner took a series of photographs of animals at a nearby animal rescue centre. These images were subsequently published as a calendar. Donations received in lieu from sales of the calendars will be used to fund further photography training for the young person.
Christmas Stockings:
In the run up to Christmas each year Nurture A Child works with volunteer staff from several Hull based businesses to produce Christmas stocking gifts for local children. Personnel from the respective companies donate suitable gifts to the cause. Staff also volunteer their time to fill the stockings before they are distributed to youngsters in local care homes, young people who otherwise would have little or nothing to receive on Christmas Day. In particular the stockings are produced for the older children and teenagers in care.

In total over 500 stockings have been produced and distributed to date. This number will continue to grow year by year

Greater Manchester Marathon Fundraiser:
In April 2014 Matt Dass, Managing Director of sponsor company Eon Visual Media, took part in the ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon. Matt was running in aid of Nurture A Child in his first full competitive marathon.

Matt completed the course in a highly creditable time and to date has raised over £1,600.00 for Nurture A Child. All the proceeds from Matt's marathon will be used to fund ongoing projects through Nurture A Child.
Coast to Coast Walk Fundraiser:
In September 2014 Tracey Porter and Rebecca Bramhill undertook to complete the very challenging Coast to Coast walk from St. Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hoods Bay in North Yorkshire to raise funds for Nurture A Child.

On September 16th the pair dipped their toes in the Irish Sea and 11 days later they dipped them in the North Sea, having covered 192 miles and 3 national parks including the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the North Yorkshire Moors.

In total the pair raised over £1,700.00 every penny of which will go to improve the lives of children and young people.
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